Europa Theme Park

Europa Theme Park

Make a Europe tour is always an exciting plan for backpackers. Exploding  Europe means history and the beauty of nature serve together on one plate. From the artistic Paris to historic Greece, to the beautiful Amsterdam, to  Prague allover Europe is a mixture of culture, heritage, architecture, languages all across the continent. If you have not the sufficient time to cover Europe, but you want to test all flavor of then you should plan for a coach trips to Europa Park in Rust, south-west  Germany. Basically, this park placed in between the Freiburg and the Strasbourg.  The Europa Park is the largest park in Germany and it is a theme park. The transport system around the park in very fascinating. The park authority installed the Monorail system into the park.

There is a good reason for calling this park Europa. Because,  Russia, Greece, Iceland, Spain and many more countries represented their culture, food, colors. Each country has an own special attraction. Like as you can enjoy a stunt show by Spain. This park should take a place in your Europe tripe plan because this is the second most popular park in Europe after Disneyland Paris. The total area of this park is 95 Hectors.

In your coach trips to Europe, If you a roller coaster lover then the Europa theme park is definitely for you. First, we talking about the silver-star roller coaster, which is the second hight roller coaster in Europe and visible from miles around. Then comes the blue fire roller coaster. That ride goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.5 secs. The highlight of course loop-to-loop. It is an adrenaline rush. There more than a hundred of different attractions including 13 roller coaster,  those makes your Europe tour more thrilling.

Another highlight is the boat ride on the Europa park lake. This place loved by those people who like to stay on the ground. Visitors said they even enjoy only walking in the park and feel the beauty. That would be not fair if you do not watch any cinema in your Europe trip. There are 40 cinema and 23 hours of shows including children theater in the Europa Park. One of the famous cinema halls is the Dome of Dreams. That is a 360-degree multimedia cinema. You can say it is the awesome experience and relaxation to watch the show. Your mind would be refresh after watching this and you can say coach trips to Europa Park is fulfill.

The Europa Park have some four-star hotels and resorts. They make some features for visitors on a lower budget. The Resort has a large camp resort. You can stay here in a Log Cabin or Tipi, but you have to bring your own sleeping bag. Camping and caravaning also provided. Now the Hotels can pump up your Europe tour experience.

  1. Hotel Colosseo, based on Roman Theme.
  2. Hotel Santa Isabel is a Portuguese Monastery based theme hotel.
  3. Hotel El Andaluz. It is based on Spanish Villa theme.

Your coach trips to Europe would surely get more thrilling and exciting after visiting  Europa Park. After one visit you would like to visit here over and over.

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