Enjoy the Benefits of Powerful Volunteer Vacation with uVolunteer’s programs

Enjoy the Benefits of Powerful Volunteer Vacation with uVolunteer’s programs

uVolunteer is a boutique organization where we take the responsibility of training you for the voluntary service and can send you to three countries- Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. By covering these three wonderful countries across Central America, Africa and Asia, our volunteers get the opportunity to explore the amazing countries, meet new people and put their efforts in developing their lives by teaching them, helping the community to develop, conserving the biodiversity, providing sports education, supporting health care, childcare, and so on. You can choose any of our programs and volunteer abroad as we ensure the placement after the training in any of these three mentioned countries.

What are the benefits you’re going to enjoy by attending the uVolunteer’s programs? Let’s find out here—

If you’re expecting to enjoy a break for a while, then opting for an alternative vacation can come out to be a rewarding experience for you. You can visit us, choose any of the given programs mentioned in our website and attend it. Soon after the completion of the course, we will offer you a placement at any of the mentioned countries where you can go and mix up with the people and help them in whichever field you choose to.

Take a break from the tiring career and try something new

If you’re tired of doing the same job daily, it’s high-time when you can try getting a break. To make it more fruitful and dynamic, you can choose to be on a volunteer vacationing to a foreign land. This can be a more worthwhile experience for you when you move ahead and learn new stuff and help the people out there in developing their lives. At uVolunteer, so far we have trained innumerable members globally, looking ahead to contribute to the society along with taking a break from the stereotypical life.

You’ll be given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, Ghana or Thailand where you can go and mix up with the colorful people out there, get the opportunity to explore the wonderful culture, food, lifestyle of theirs and above all- the chance to see the new land where you have been sent.

This can be an amazing experience for you where you can stay for months, experience the lifestyle, and live with the people while helping them out by teaching any foreign language or helping the kids to learn grammar or math along with other subjects. You being the volunteer can also help them in building the houses that often gets damaged by the hurricanes or other calamities. You can also help the poor in building their homes.

Add a badge in your résumé

Being a part of this wonderful venture will not only help you in learning new things and boost up your motivation in helping the people and the biodiversity but your contribution as a volunteer will be a bright star in your résumé. You can mention about your new explorations in detail to impress the new employers.

Visit our website and choose any of the give programs for enjoying a benefiting volunteer vacation with us.

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