Do you want to be a private or commercial pilot? Keep reading!

Do you want to be a private or commercial pilot? Keep reading!

The purpose of this article is to share information that I have collected over time in my eternal struggle to become a pilot. Often people ask me how do I become a pilot? How can I be a pilot? The short answer is taking a pilot course. Now, I will not write an article to tell you what you probably already know, but to tell you in detail the procedure to become a commercial or private pilot.

Everything starts with a dream

I remember as a child when all my classmates said they wanted to be astronauts, doctors, lawyers, police and even firefighters. I always answered the question with a “I want to be a pilot”, and that has not changed over the years. Aviation is still an important source of the energy that moves my life. I still cannot help looking at the sky every time I hear an airplane, trying to identify the model and maybe the airline, I know it sounds a bit geeky but we’re not going to tell lies. The important part of this section is to always keep that dream alive.

Where am I going to study?

This issue is fundamental and it deserves the time it takes to think and make the right decision in choosing among aviation colleges. First of all you should know that many schools are going to tell you that they are the best in the world for this and for that, but you must take into account especially these factors:

Commercial or private?

Many do not know the difference, the truth is that basically the private pilot license (PPA) allows you to fly your plane or a friend without receiving any remuneration for doing so. The commercial pilot (or PCA) is for you if your dream is simply to fly and/or have your plane, the private pilot license would serve you. But if you dream of flying on an airline, charter company or even cargo, you need to opt for the PCA (commercial).

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