Diving in Underwater Paradise of Wakatobi

Diving in Underwater Paradise of Wakatobi

The turquoise waters glistened invitingly. As I gazed at the infinite sea expanse before me, my heart fluttered with excitement and fear. With flippers already on and goggles snuggly fitted into my face, I closed my eyes and gently slipped off the ship in the warm water below. The water felt like silk against my skin. I could feel the rhythm of the currents as they pushed against my body. I was entirely under water when I opened my eyes once more and was greeted by gentle sunlight filtering through. With my back towards the ship, I found my very first coral reef in front of me, innumerable types of coral in diverse colors and shapes and sizes, the whole region teeming with life.

I was enthralled. Little tropics fish in every color imaginable were wrapped in and from the reef crevices, pops of crimson and purple and yellow as well as rainbow gliding gently along. Royal blue starfish were closely attached to rocks on the seafloor. The bright coloration, striking patterns, and landscapes around me were surreal. Suddenly, from nowhere, it seemed, a few hundred basses appeared and started to dance around me. It had been tranquil and that I felt as though I was at the one with the ocean. The reef I researched that afternoon In Wakatobi sits on the border of a huge shelf, and lots of times I found myself drifting out away from the colorful reef to the deep azure waters.

This is where the scuba divers went down and researched. There is an indescribable mysterious about the profound, the rare and distinctive creatures waiting to be uncovered, the total amount of control one has to have down there. I afterward saw live footage from the place: turtles, shipwrecks, monsters straight from The Twilight Zone, bewitching, and it was then I was motivated to learn how to dive. Next time I am Back in Wakatobi, I want to not only explore the reefs near the surface but explore the mysterious depths below too. After multiple holiday adventures in Wakatobi within the following days, it never lost its novelty.

The wonders I beheld beneath the surface will probably be always engraved in my memory. While I just explored the island of Wangi this time find myself having dreams about returns to this area to check out a few of the other islands. Situated in Southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi is thought to have some of the finest snorkeling and Diving in Wakatobi areas in the world and offers a lot of excellent places for a beginner snorkeler all the way to the experienced diver. With over 900 species of fish and 750 species of corals, turtles, dolphins, whales, along with a wide range of other marine life, the submerged world here’s outstanding. I cannot wait to get my diving license so the next time I am back, I can learn more about the famous diving areas of Wakatobi as well.

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