Dhikala Tourism Zone Of Corbett Park

Dhikala Tourism Zone Of Corbett Park

You can’t find more beautiful landscapes along with a better diversity of wildlife anywhere than Dhikala Tourism Zone of Corbett Park. The wildlife tour to Corbett can’t be regarded as completed if a person misses visiting this area. Especially, hardcore wildlife enthusiasts can’t afford to overlook this area because it shelters the greatest population of Royal Bengal Tigers and Asiatic Tigers. This will make it a most striking spot for the wildlife in addition to photography enthusiasts. Visiting this area is the greatest chance to uncover some natural splendor and attractions in the united states. The area can be found in the border location of Patil Dun Valley, the area where Ramganga river flows in multiple channels. If you’re planning to go to this area, don’t miss to see the outstanding look at the valley.

There’s no park in India apart from Jim Corbett that is offering Night stay amongst jungle. You receive four hotels at Corbett Dhikala Tourism zone and they’re supplying accommodations towards the vacationers with the operational season. These four forest lodges namely Dhikala Forest Lodge, Gairal Forest Lodge, Sarapduli Forest Lodge, and Sultan Forest Lodge are managed by forest department underneath the authority of Corbett Park.

Stuff you should about these four options if you’re planning to go to Dhikala Tourism focus Jim Corbett Park

You won’t have any fixed electricity supply most of the lodges except Dhikala Lodge the only lodge using fixed electricity line. Other three lodges are utilizing only solar plates.

Food System: You will find the choice of food canteens in two four lodges namely Dhikala Forest Lodge and Gairal forest lodge, that provides the ability of food buffets while other two lodges that are Sarapduli Forest Lodge and Sultan Forest Lodge, gives you the ability of Kitchen combined with the Kitchen family and friends.

Locations: Many of these four lodges have reached outstanding locations while offering an excellent look at the forests of Dhikala Tourism focus Jim Corbett Park. You’re going to get a distinctive experience out of all four lodges.

Safety: There’s no security issue as all of the lodges except the Sultan forest Lodge are encircled by solar wire fencing which will keep the harmful wild creatures like Tigers stay away from entering the Lodges. You are able to stay carefree inside these lodges.

Safari Timings In Dhikala Tourism Zone

Winter Safari Timings: You may enjoy this filled with adventure and fun forest safari two occasions each day. The very first safari is incorporated in the morning in which the entry timing is 7:00 am also it ends at 10:00 am. The 2nd safari starts at 2:00 p.m also it stays till 5:30 pm at night.

Summers Safari Timings: In summers also, there’s two models throughout the day as with the winters but there’s a positive change in timings from the safari due to the weather change. In summers, the morning safari starts at 6:00 am and you may appreciate it till 9:30 am. The 2nd safari begins at 3:00 pm and stays open for 3 . 5 hrs, that’s till 6:30 pm.

How You Can Achieve Dhikala Tourism Zone

You are able to explore Dhikala Zone by Canter Safari or Elephant Safari beginning from Dhangadi Gate. The Safari could be booked at Ramnagar office of Park government bodies of Corbett Park. Nearest airport terminal is Pantnagar airport terminal and if you like traveling by train, then nearest rail connectivity is Ramnagar Railway Station.

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