Best Surf Spots In New South Wales

Best Surf Spots In New South Wales

If you’re looking to go surfing, then Australia presents some of the best opportunities to catch the biggest waves.The country’s south is generally better in this regard than the north, since it doesn’t have a wall of coral reef breaking up all of those precious waves before they arrive at the country proper.National Surfing Reserves maintains a list of the best beaches for surfers in Australia, and the list features many beaches in New South Wales.Let’s take a look at some of them.


This beach can be found in the north of Sydney.It’s among the city’s most popular beaches, and strikes a great balance between urban life and the wildness of the ocean.Manly beach is separated into two; an inner harbour beach on one side and a wild and untamed surf beach on the other.


If you venture further south, you’ll find the Cronulla beach.It’s great for a variety of aquatic passtimes – from surfing to more exotic variants like boogie boarding and kite-boarding.If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to glimpse exotic wildlife like dolphins and turtles.At just fifty-minutes from the centre of Sydney by train, it’s easy to get to, too.


Nearby is Maroubra beach, which offers surf of a reliable and consistent quality that’ll please both experts and beginners.The beach is a kilometre long, and affectionately known by locals as ‘the bra’.As well as surfing, you’ll be able to enjoy an expansive picnic area – which has contributed considerably to the beach’s popularity with families.If you’re looking to get a workout squeezed in between surfing sessions, there’s an outdoor gym which offers a range of cardio and resistance equipment.


Merewether beach can be found in Newcastle.It’s home of its share of surfing champions, thanks in no small part to the fact it boasts excellent and challenging surf to practice on.In 2009, the beach was declared a National Surfing reserve in 2009.There are changing room facilities available, and a café that serves all year round.


Angourie was only the second site in the country to be recognised under the National Surfing Reserve scheme, in 2007.It’s got an aura of the divine for most Australian surfers, thanks to its legendary point-break that wasn’t discovered until the 1960s, and for decades remained the sole preserve of surfers.The swell needs to be just a few metres from the point before it starts to break.

Lennox Head

This seaside village boasts a famous point break on the right hand.The break attracts surfers from across the world, and if you’d like to observe them before taking to the waves yourself, you’ll be able to do so from the nearby headland, which also makes a great viewing platform for would-be whale watchers.If you’d like a break from surfing, then you might also venture to the nearby inland lake, which offers still, clear blue waters that are brilliant for both sailing and kayaking.

Killalea Beach

This beach, also popularly known as ‘the farm’, is a favourite among the region’s surfers.It’s not patrolled, making it something of a risk for those who don’t know what they’re doing.That said, there are picnic areas and barbeque locations nearby for parties to enjoy, as well as bush and coastal walking trails.If you’d like to enjoy a spot of fishing in between your surfing exploits, then the park offers an excellent means of doing so.

Crescent Head

The last entry on our list is among the most famous surfing locations in the world, as it offers one of the world’s best right-hand point breaks.The beaches here are of such calibre that it hosts the Malibu classic every year in mid-May.Hire a board in town and venture either north or south of Crescent Head, and you’ll find a plethora of beaches that are particularly favourable to long-board riders.If you’re not convinced of your skills, then there’s a surf-camp locally which provides guidance to novices.While you’re here, you might as well enjoy a round or two of golf on a six-hole course which offers excellent views of the ocean.

Permanent Switch?

Australia, like its near-neighbour New Zealand, offers a plethora of prime surfing locations.If you’re thinking about moving to New Zealand or Australia to take advantage, then you’ll find that Australian and New Zealand skilled visas are relatively easy to come by – and once you’ve become a citizen of one country it’ll be relatively easy to take advantage of the surfing opportunities offered by the other.

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