Best Sailing Options in Tenerife for You

Best Sailing Options in Tenerife for You

Here, the route will be liked by lovers of a relaxing holiday, and active nature explorers. There is a lot of beautiful on the island and tourists have their eyes on the choice of routes and sights. But not all places are worth visiting. Among the offers of travel agencies are often found group excursions, designed for mass flow. And these are always full of people, the kitchen is worse and the photos will repeat thousands of others. Often the sights themselves do not represent much value. You can also enjoy the tenerife coast sailing on a sailboat.

What excursions to Tenerife can you miss?

So do not waste time in vain. Immediately eliminate uninteresting places and waste time on real beauty.

Need a guide or not?

Tours in Tenerife – it is for those who do not want to be an independent researcher? Yes and no. If you want to save money and like to drive a car, then almost all popular places can be visited without an individual guide. The roads on the island are good and driving by car is a great option. But there are also disadvantages to independent travel: steep serpentines and a waste of time for preparation. If you have free time – you are lucky, reading our website will allow you to explore the island on your own and without a guide. But a good guide is the history of the colonization of the island and unknown details that are not in the guidebooks.

  • You can visit Punta Maska and Buenavista del Norte village, but if you are close, we recommend swimming with fins and a mask in this part of Tenerife.
  • Yellow Mountain near Costa del Silencio, near Las Americas and Los Cristianos.
  • Many fish and inhabitants of the ocean.
  • Beautiful and popular place.
  • Puerto de Santiago – you can meet a lot of fish.
  • Paraiso – more suitable for diving in Tenerife , but you can see a lot of interesting things from the surface.
  • Alcala Here you can swim with sea turtles.

El Puertito is avery beautiful bay, often sea turtles swim. Radasul is a great place for snorkeling in Tenerife, a very large glimpse, up to 20 meters. There are courses for beginners and divers.

A separate point is familiarity with the whales and dolphins near Tenerife. Of course, you have to rent a boat or take a boat. It will take a bit of luck. But many see the dolphins and whales grind!

Below we have written where to go yourself, and where better to go with a guide, so as not to miss the important.

Which places of Tenerife are easy to visit without a guided tour?

This is about each place from this list on our written in great detail. You can also rent a car and travel there for health.

Group bus tours or individual?

It’s simple: are you ready to go in the heat like herrings in a barrel, go to the toilet on a schedule, eat in restaurants, where tourists are unloaded in packs? If not, do not waste time on this empty exercise.

One of the values ​​in the manifesto of our editorial office is individual tourism, only it allows you to experience the zest of the place and preserve the wild places of the planet.

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