Best Relaxing Vacation for Families with Babies, Tots or Youngsters

Best Relaxing Vacation for Families with Babies, Tots or Youngsters

Although there is the widespread expectation that a holiday will be an enjoyable, relaxing experience, all too often the reality can be dreadful and even more stressful than normal, day to day home life. Certainly spending a week or two holidaying in the company of ‘loved ones’ is a fantastic ideal, however, unless properly planned and researched, it can be a nightmare.

Examples of Nightmare Vacation Experiences

All too often returning holidaymakers cite the most dreadful vacation experiences, such as:

  • weather, whether too hot or too cold, cannot really be controlled but contributes to good holidays
  • hotels in developing areas which virtually equate to holidaying on a building site
  • dirty and lousy hotel or apartment rooms
  • filthy, perhaps even cockroach infested, bathrooms
  • unsafe wiring and other safety hazards
  • poorly maintained pools
  • small pools do not have enough space to cater for numbers of guests
  • impossibility of accessing pool areas due to sunbed hogging by other guests
  • dreadful food
  • upset stomachs…. (Indeed the list is endless!)

Is it Possible to Enjoy a Holiday with a Partner and Young Children?

For some holidaymakers, spending ten to fourteen, supposedly relaxing, days with a partner, who generally works five or more days a week, can prove more traumatic than staying at home. This can be particularly true for families and parents of young children. All too often the holiday is a break to an established childcare routine, which can prove unsettling and disturbing for youngsters. It can be difficult to establish a relaxed, happy mood in a strange environment with a grouchy toddler.

Holidays with Children

Although faced with the stress and mounting expenditure involved in raising kids, parents are almost conditioned to feel that holidaying, at least once a year is a necessity, not just a luxury. That their children will be deprived of vital life experience if they deny them this annual break. For families in the UK, the annual holiday of choice can range from caravan and camping sites, popular holiday camps, self catering accommodation, package holidays or theme park overseas’ vacations, dependent upon available finance.

Whilst, vacations provide the opportunity to explore regions, different cultures and traditions and can give wonderful memories, parents have to bear in mind that the comforts of home are not always easily available.

Prime Consideration when Vacationing with Children

Probably the easiest holiday experience for parents and families is to book a self catering villa or apartment. Good accommodation will provide the necessary space, furnishings and equipment required to create a ‘homey’ atmosphere inside where kids can relax and, hopefully, enough space outside for youngsters to adventure and explore in safety.

Safety on and around the resort is also a prime consideration when holidaying with children, babies and tots in particular. Ease of accessibility into the accommodation and around the resort for pushchairs, toddlers taking their first steps and boisterous youngsters is well worth thinking about.

Holidaying in ‘out of town’ resorts has both advantages and drawbacks which need to be carefully weighed up. For example, a self-catering holiday in an out of town apartment complex at popular holiday destinations can be wonderful. Many self-catering complexes have everything required for a brilliant and memorable family holiday. Indeed, families with very young children may not even need to leave the complex at all. With on-site shops, restaurants and daily activities for children and adults alike, babysitting services, together with organized excursions and daily trips it is often not even a necessity to hire a car. On the other hand, complexes in the centre of busy holiday resorts provide easy access to shops, cafes and restaurants, beaches and activities.

Finally, there are so many considerations and drawbacks to arranging family holidays that they can prove a potential minefield for future conflict. For continued harmony within a relationship, the best practice is definitely to ensure a joint decision and discussion prior to booking expensive vacations.

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