Beach Vacation in Montenegro

Beach Vacation in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country, which is situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. That’s why there are a lot of beaches, which are different from each other. They have their own unique charm and can cater for different tastes. If you like pebbles, then you can rejoice because beach vacation in Montenegro is the best variant for you. The larger part of shore front is covered with cobbles. Anyway, if you don’t like to rest on stones, you’d better choose another variant:

  1. The most famous Velika Plaža is a sandy seashore. You can found it in the south near Ulcinj.
  2. There are also a lot of beaches covered with concrete. People of Montenegro call it “pónta”. The largest part of the coast, composed of several “pónta”, is named Ploče and located near Budva. Such kind of beaches is convenient for adults who can swim. But if you have small children, you’d better go to sandy or pebble beach.

Some useful peculiarities of Montenegrin laws

If you decided to spend your vacation on beaches in Montenegro, be sure, that it will be as enjoyable as possible. You don’t have to waste large sums of money to get to the seashore. According to Montenegrin laws, the entire coast is state ownership. If you want to find small private beach, resign all hope to do it. But such absence plays into the hands because you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. You need money only if you want to eat something or take chaise longue or beach umbrella on hire.

The best time for vacation

If you don’t want to be squeezed by other vacationers, try to go to Montenegro beaches in June, July or September. August is not the best month for taking the rest on Montenegrin seashore. Yes, the water is warm and you can get beautiful golden tan but there are too many people. Such situation lasts until first two weeks of September.

Information about prices

You have to pay, as notices above, only for using chaise longue or beach umbrella. The prices will be a nice surprise: 1-5 euro for each item. If you want take the more comfortable rest, you can take a big chaise longue with a canopy. It costs much more money: 10-20 euro. But there are some especial beaches, for example, King’s beach in front of the villa Milocer. There you need to pay 70 euro for 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella.

Payment is always taken not for an hour and not for a day but for use. If you leave the lounger for lunch and leave no stuff in your place, then upon return you will have to pay again to continue using the chaise longue. But you can call a person who collects payment and tell him that you need to go away for a while.

The best beaches in Montenegro

If you want to visit perfect seashore with warm water and clean sand or pebbles, take into consideration this list:

  1. Guvantse beach, which is situated on the road from Budva to Becici. Guvantse is famous for its sunsets and fine sand.
  1. Mogren beach. You can find it near Old Town in Budva. The coast is covered with mixture of pebbles and sand.
  1. Jaz beach is one of the most famous beaches, which is situated near Budva. Sand lovers will be pleasantly surprised here.

Montenegro beaches are regarded as the cleanest and well-maintained. That’s why the flow of tourists does not stop from June to September.

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