If you’re a lover of exploration and new discoveries, then your next destination is the Choquequirao Trek, which provides you with an amazing discovery of a mysterious city which means ‘a cradle of gold’ and was discovered in the 18th century.

Price and Benefits

The number of trekkers in a group usually determines the price, but usually 2-3 trekkers pay $650 per person while 4 or more people pay $600 per person. You may consider our price a little high, but that is because we provide more porters who carry camping and cooking equipment for our trekkers than other agencies do. For example, a group of two people usually has five porters.

The benefits included are more than enough to ignite your passion to embark on this wonderful voyage, and they include:

  • Entrance fees to the site of Choquequirao Inca
  • A professional and bilingual tour guide
  • An assistant guide if your group comprises nine people or more
  • A Cook
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks for three days
  • A tent for two people
  • Picking you up at the hotel and returning you to and from Cachora
  • A bus trip to Anguas Calientes from Machu Picchu
  • Porters (as earlier mentioned)
  • Other necessities such as water, First Aid kit, an oxygen bottle, sleeping pads, a dining tent which has tables and chairs, and vegetarian food if you request it.

What the Trek Tour Entails

The hike usually occurs during March and December and it lasts for four days and three nights. Within this period, we cover thirty nine miles and get to admire the beauty of Choquequirao which is laid in a cloud forest and offers trekkers the best hiking experience ever. You’ll visit Andean communities, tour archaeological sites, and also see amazing nature views and views like the Apurimac Canyon, scenic trails, Cactus area, Vilcabamba mountain range, and sight the Andean Foxes, Andean Condor, the giant hummingbird, and spectacled bear.

Key Highlights of Each Day

Day One – Our hike begins at 5:00 AM and we are introduced to other staff and our horsemen. We go hiking after a bus ride of four hours which takes us to Cachora village 2950m/9678ft, on the edge of Apurimac Canyon (a place with demanding depths). Though slightly difficult, the tour comes with the opportunity to enjoy various plant and animal life. Santa Rosa is our campsite, and this is where we have our dinner. Breakfast and lunch are on the way and during the hike respectively.

Day Two – We trek all day, starting at 5:00 AM, and the hike becomes very tough. The hike takes us towards Choquekirao Inca site where we camp in the evening after we descend not very easily from Santa Rosa to Maranpata which is 3150m/10334ft. While resting a while before our first two hour visit of Choquequirao, we enjoy seeing the plants, animals and canyons which are close by.

Day Three – On the third day, we also trek all day, same at 5:00 AM like other days. The hike is not as difficult as that of the previous day, and it starts with a guided tour of three hours. We come down to Chiquisca which is our last camp site. We have breakfast and dinner in the camp site but lunch is on the hike.

Day Four – Like the previous days, our hike begins at 5:00 AM. We take breakfast before leaving for Cachora on feet, and we take a bus to Cusco. This final day is the easiest of the four days, and in the evening, you get to return to your accommodation in Cusco. There’s no dinner this evening, but you get to have lunch while the hike is ongoing.

Remember to come along with your walking boots, sun hat, comfortable trousers, waterproof jackets, original passport, sleeping bag travel insurance, water for lunch on the first day alone, personal medication, camera and films and other optional needs like extra money and a bathing suit.

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Written By Miguel gongora.

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