Apps and Websites that make planning your wedding easier

Apps and Websites that make planning your wedding easier

Planning a wedding is up there with moving house as one of the most stressful things most people will ever do. From venues to flowers, guest lists to dresses, it can all be a little bit overwhelming. Luckily, as with most things in life, technology is here to make things easier. Using the power of the internet, which most people carry in their pocket on a daily basis, you can do many things that used to require running around town. Here are some websites and apps you can use to make planning your big day a little less of a headache.

Appy Couple

This cleverly named app & website maker has a little of everything, it’s an all in one integrated wedding website and mobile app. There is always information you need your guests to know, from accommodation to directions, they can even RSVP through the site or app. It also allows guests to communicate with you, they can share photos or even let know you about dietary requirements. The service is free to access but it does cost if you choose to go ahead and publish a website, starting from £25.  


Amazon is the number one site to set up a wedding list. Simply add the items you want and share the link with your guests. It also allows your friends and family to buy you those items you need from the comfort of their own home (or on the go) without the need to go shopping in a physical store, or even wrap the gift. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. Click here for the Amazon Website


The evernote app, website and computer program is a powerful note taking app that syncs to all your devices. Everybody carries a smartphone nowadays so you can simply take note, photos or even audio recordings throughout the planning process. You can share the “notebook” with your partner, friends or anyone involved in the planning process.

My Wedding by Hitched

This wonderful wedding planner app does a lot of the work for you. From to-do lists, seating arrangements and budgets it creates a set of 49-preloaded tasks which you can follow to plan your wedding in order of urgency. These tasks include dress shopping, advising caterers and picking rings. The app allows you to add your own tasks and delete the ones not applicable to you. It can make things a lot easier to have all the information in one place, in a list you can neatly change and prioritise. You can also put in your overall budget and it will advise you on how to allocate your money. Click here for the Hitched Wedding Planner Website

The Hitched Website

Hitched is a site all about weddings, it’s directory lets you find local vendors and venues in your area. If you can simply search for a wedding venue near Chester and a list of all the venues will come up including Carden Park. The site also offers guides and articles giving useful advice on planning your wedding as well as forums for conversation with others planning their wedding or experts sharing advice. The “speeches” section may come in especially handy with examples to help you write yours.


The Etsy app and website allow you to shop around the world for homemade items from independent sellers. You can find anything from personalised favours to wedding dresses. You can communicate with the sellers every step of the way to create something unique for your wedding. The site has a feedback rating system to you can see if the sellers are trustworthy or not. Click here for the Etsy website


Pinterest is a wonderful site for wedding inspiration. You can look at boards with thousands of wedding dresses, cakes, favors and anything else wedding related you can imagine. You can start your own pinterest board saving all your favourite pins and add notes to them. Many of the pins provide links to where the products are available. The pinterest app also makes it easy to use on your phone.

These are just a few websites and apps that will help you plan your wedding. The internet has made wedding planning a much simpler process but it can still be very stressful. The average U.K. wedding now costs £18,000 so it’s better to use all the tools at your disposal to make it as great as it can be.


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