Advices to plan our Interrail trip through Europe

Advices to plan our Interrail trip through Europe

 Doing a travel by train in Europe like an interrail is in the agenda of all backpacker or hardened traveller. It is something they must do at least once in a lifetime. The opportunity of move through the old Continent by train, a comfortable transport that offers so many possibilities, is an attractive plan that doesn’t go unnoticed.

However, even though when travelling by train there is always place for improvisation (meeting new travellers is part of the experience), travelling through more and more kilometres and kilometres getting in and off different trains means some previous planning. In order to visit all we want to visit and fully enjoy our interrail experience, we offer the next advices to plan the trip.


You can’t go absolutely everywhere

An interrail is not a marathon: the goal is not visiting the 49 countries located in the European Continent. Doing an excessively long interrail means that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the characteristics and peculiarities of each country, and it will require a big investment in terms of time and money.

Attending to that reason, you shouldn’t plan an interrail to visit more than five countries. The optimum amount of countries to visit is three. If you want to visit more countries, you can divide your trip in stages or regions and you can do several interrails in other moment.

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Don’t stay only in the capital

Visiting a country by train is the best way of discovering all its real essence. Through the wide windows you will be able to see the different landscapes all along the trip. In addition, you can also meet the local passengers, its histories and peculiarities.

That’s the reason why you shouldn´t hurry up going from one capital to another just to cross out the countries of your list. Paris is beautiful and it deserves a compulsory visit from all those travel-lovers, but France is much more than Paris. The contrasts between Provencal South, Alpine Middle and the cosmopolitan North, they form all together the authentic experience of visiting the Gallic country. Don’t forget visiting Perpignan, Narbonne, Carcassonne, Montpellier, Lyon and many others locations as beautiful as its capital.

Try to operate with the minimum number of companies

While doing an interrail, the learning of the mean of transportation is vital: knowing how a railway company works, its timetables, its facilities, if it is comfortable or not, and so on. All this knowledge means the difference to travel from one place to another perfectly relaxed and without losing time.

Therefore, if it’s possible and the connections are favourable, try not to operate with different companies and get used to do it with the minimum number of them. This way you will be able to plan quickly and safely.

Have always schedules and train-connections with you

The best path from destination A to destination B is not always a straight line. That is the reason why you always have to be aware of how to move from a place to another with the train that allows you visiting the maximum touristic destinations possible.

This way, knowing the train-connections is essential. You also have to know the timetables in order to take advantage of the nights or dead times during the travel to arrive in perfect conditions to your destination.

And of course, don’t exceed with your luggage

This is one of the golden rules: you have to do your interrail in the most comfortable way. We have to travel the lighter the better, but always with the necessary comfort. Warm clothes, clean clothes, personal hygiene objects, food, entertainment…

With this goal in mind, you have to carefully plan your luggage and chose a comfortable bag that distributes the weight in your back. You have kilometres and kilometres of adventure and fun waiting for you: enjoy it to the maximum!


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