5 Ways to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway in Dubai

5 Ways to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway in Dubai

You have three days off and you want to use that time to see the world. One of the best places to go to for this purpose is the emirate of Dubai.

Here, you will find a balanced mix of different cultures because of the large population of foreigners, and strong influences of both the East and the West. It truly is like you have the whole world in this desert city.

However, three days to explore the city is usually not enough. Therefore, strategic planning is a must to ensure that you will get as much enjoyment as you possibly can with the limited time you have for your weekend getaway.

For this purpose, provided here are some of the best ways you can pack a bunch of experiences for your three-day Dubai escape.

1. Stay at a great hotel that is near most of the popular city attractions

You can find stunning luxury hotels in Dubai, which are near the airport, various shopping destinations, and other popular tourist attractions. These hotels make exploring the city so much easier.

Not only that, if you stay at any of these hotels, you automatically have access to a range of services to make your getaway even more enjoyable. Many of them have top-rated restaurants as well as the best spa services in the city.

Therefore, if you want to treat yourself to gourmet fare, and some quality R&R, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road getting from one place to another. All these can be right where you are checked in.

2. Join a desert safari

This type of tour is packed with different activities that will allow you to see what Dubai is all about. From a hot air balloon ride to a 4×4 ride through the sand dunes, perhaps even a chance to sand surf, and of course a dinner banquet with entertainment right underneath the stars – you can experience all these in a desert safari tour.

This is one of the best ways to experience a lot of things in a single go because one activity leads to another. You can dedicate one full day to this tour and not regret a minute of it because there is always something relaxing, social, thrilling and fun included in a desert safari.

3. Visit the Bastakiya Quarter

If you want a cultural experience of Dubai that culminates in a refreshing meal, make time to go to Bastakiya Quarter. You will learn a lot about the cultural heritage and local art scene, and even the ingenious way traditional homes stayed cool despite the hot climate in the region.

There are various art galleries throughout Bastakiya, and you can get yourself a few souvenirs here as well. There is also a smattering of cafés around with the most popular one being the Arabian Tea House Café. Many find this coffee cum tea shop charming because of its unique interior and gorgeous collection of tea sets.

There are different walking tours conducted at the Bastakiya Quarter, and it is easy enough to join one if you are all about getting a “learncation.”

4. Join the Bateaux Dubai Cruise

See more of the city from the Dubai Creek as you enjoy a gourmet meal and classy entertainment.

The Bateaux Dubai Cruise is a stylish way to tour around Dubai.

You do not have to worry about the sweltering heat of the day because the yacht is fully air-conditioned. Therefore, before the tour, why not pamper yourself at a top beauty salon in Dubai?

Get your hair and makeup done. You will surely enjoy taking more selfies with the gorgeous sights in the background.

5.  Join a “Hop-on, Hop-off” Bus Tour

Check out the different parts of the city and score some exciting experiences when you join a “hop-on-hop-off” bus tour. See the Bur Dubai District, the famous Dubai Museum, the Gold Souk, the Dubai Creek, the Dubai World Trade Center, Burj Khalifa, and many other city attractions.

Joining a bus tour can actually be ideal on the day of your arrival in Dubai. This way, you can have a quick look at the different places that you may want to squeeze into your pre-planned 3-day itinerary.

When packing your Dubai weekend getaway with great activities as your goal, these five ideas are certainly worth considering.

Of course, Dubai offers so much more, but you can set them aside for the future — when you can work out a much longer stay in the City of Gold.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.

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