5 Things to Do in Turkey Holidays 2019

5 Things to Do in Turkey Holidays 2019

A country that has been a place for cultural exchange between two continents, Asia and Europe, is now a famous tourist destination. From modern cities to natural wonders, Turkey has everything in its area to amaze its visitors. Visiting turkey does not only mean staying, travelling and dining. Rather this country has an amazing load of adventurous task for those who want to explore the land and marine of Turkey.

As Turkey has so many things to offer, you need to know beforehand what can be done and where, during your Turkey holidays.


A rich marine world is waiting for those who want to explore it. There are many places that will offer great snorkeling experiences. Olu Deniz is a beach with lovely clear water. It leads to the calm blue lagoon. It is perfect for snorkeling except this area remains very crowded during the season. If there are people out there who want to tread on the offbeat track and enjoy some tranquility, Gamile Bay Beach is perfect. It offers a nice view of St. Nicholas Island as well. Calis Beach, a less touristy one, also offers water sports like snorkeling.

Hot air balloon ride:

Cappadocia is in itself a fairytale kingdom. To have a good view of this wonder, hot air balloon ride is a must. This World Heritage Site can be well explored with the ride. Standard flights are cost friendly as it is of short duration and carry more people. If someone wants to enjoy the beauty for long, deluxe rides are there which cost comparably more. For special occasions, special tours are also offered by some companies. The flights can be 45 minutes to two hours long. The fall and the spring are the best times to go for hot air balloon ride.

Scuba diving:

Turkey is the cream of scuba divers as it offers water sports in three different seas, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Gulf of Saros in Canakkale is a favourite of travellers due to submerged ruins. Bodrum offers scuba in Mediterranean Sea. Great opportunities and great depths are offered here. Orak Island is a haven due to the presence of beautiful rock formations. Gokova, Marmaris, Datca, Mersin, Kemer, Kas and Antalya also offer great scuba diving.

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Bosphorus Cruise, Bosphorus strait:

Living on the water and watching some beautiful scenes is a perfect nightlife. This can be done by taking the Bosphorus Cruise. Watching the Princes Islands and Dazzling Bridge while sailing along the Strait is an enthralling experience. One can enjoy the ride for 2-3 hours watching the night beauty of Turkey.

Whirling Dervish Show, Istanbul:

Hodjapasha Cultural Centre is located near Topkapi Palace and the iconic Hagia Sophia. This place boasts of the unmatched tempo and charm of Whirling Dervish Show. Traditional Sema Ceremony is organized through music, Dervish dance, music instruments, artefact exhibition and clothing. Dervish dance is one of the grand oldest traditions of Turkey and a great part of Turkish nightlife.


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