5 Smartphone-Powered Techs To Make International Travel Easy

5 Smartphone-Powered Techs To Make International Travel Easy

There is no longer a need to use pigeon mail, smoke signals or mental telepathy to send messages.

With today’s smartphone technology, leaving home for business or pleasure doesn’t mean you’ll lose touch with colleagues or loved ones. In fact, in today’s multi-wired (and wireless) world, it has never been this easy communicating with anyone just about anywhere about anything!

A connected world

About 35 percent of the world population is using a smartphone according to a 2018 Statista survey. This global poll also projects that smartphone users will balloon to about 2.5 billion users in 2019.  Today, all you need to do is to get a smartphone to communicate. With just a swipe or a flick, instant connection is made.

Life has been made so much easier with the advent of smart mobile technology. Aside from being an effective means of communication, smartphones can now be an all-in-one hub of productivity. You don’t have to lug around a hundred and one devices just to do business as almost everything under the sun can now be accessed through a smartphone.

International travel has also been made more comfortable by smartphone technology. From conceptualizing trips to booking flights to looking for a nearby local restaurant, you can enjoy your travels because of smartphone connectivity.

Let’s take a look at some of the smartphone technologies that make international travel easy:

1. International roaming services

Phone services that people normally use may already seem conventional, but roaming services has brought about significant change in how people live their lives.

Nowadays, calling someone abroad has been made faster and clearer thanks to constant developments in technology that make getting a mobile phone line for international roaming calls and services so much better. These days, roaming capabilities have been extensively upgraded that even maritime roaming has been made accessible.

Another example of this improvement can be shown in the roaming offers by the leading telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia which offers unlimited roaming services while in the UAE. This allows select prepaid and postpaid customers limitless access to the Internet, to make unlimited calls and send SMS in the UAE or back to KSA, and receive calls for free.

Hybrid B2B and B2C customers can even avail themselves of a recharge anywhere package for prepaid lines between Kuwait and KSA. This gives travelers between these two countries immense convenience to conduct their businesses and other communication requirements.

2. In-flight smartphone access

More and more airlines are letting passengers use mobile phones while onboard a flight. After years of telling people to refrain from using phones while onboard the plane, advancements in technology have made it possible to do otherwise.

Several airline companies have started to allow the use of mobile phones on air and because of this, a top mobile service provider in the KSA has offered an attractive package that allows people to enjoy the luxuries of connectivity while up in the skies.

With this on-air roaming service, select prepaid and postpaid subscribers can enjoy seamless service and affordable rates when they access the Internet, make calls, or send SMS.

Of course, there are still certain boundaries to take note of, such as:

  • What applies to specific flights and routes.
  • May have limited impact due to 2G or 3G only limitations, depending on the aircraft and carrier.
  • Will only work after in-flight crew announces it is safe to do so. The service will be inaccessible during takeoff and landing.
  • Will only work during the flight using the on-air network so make sure that your handset is manually set to “On Air” to start using the bundle.
  • Must be activated 30 minutes before boarding the flight.

3. Wi-Fi calling

Another smartphone convenience is the ability to do Wi-Fi calling. This feature allows people to enjoy on-the-go connection to catch up with friends and family through the use of a Wi-Fi network of hotspot connection.

Subscription to this package means no additional charges when making calls or sending SMS over Wi-Fi. Just turn on your Wi-Fi in your smartphone settings and you’re ready to send your messages through Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Built-in features

Smartphones today come with all the bells and whistles that you need – enough to run the world, it seems.

When traveling, built-in smart features such as reminders, notes and calendars all work together to make your trip seamless and more convenient. It may seem so simple since you are used to seeing it every day, but when you consider the sparse phone features of yesteryears, having these nifty elements certainly make life a lot easier now.

Your phone can already store your medical and health information, for example. This is especially important when you fall ill while traveling. Setting alarms and personal reminders on your phone can also help you not to miss a pill, a flight, or to call back home the moment you land.

5. Apps galore!

Probably the most important invention since the discovery of fire, smartphone apps continue to influence and drive how people live their lives today. Although an exaggeration to describe them as such, it is undeniable that the development of these apps has made people rely on them for the most part.

From searching for places to go to, booking rooms, looking for the most fun things to do up to navigation and location search, apps has become a part of every modern handheld device when traveling.

Replacing maps and cameras to some extent, you see people glued to their screens either using translation apps, restaurant finder apps, or the ubiquitous selfie-sharing apps that have caught the world by storm.

With app assistance, going on trips has been made easier, and also more convenient to look for, exchange, and share information and messages.

Keeping communication alive

All these features, services and apps in one smartphone give people immense power. The world has become smaller because of one “tiny” device. Smartphones and all their connectivity options have brought people closer together, bridging gaps and crossing borders to make life simpler through fast, efficient and effective communication.

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