5 Reasons to Host Your Next Event at a Hotel

5 Reasons to Host Your Next Event at a Hotel

One of the biggest challenges of planning an event is deciding where to host it. With so many venues to choose from, which is the right space to accommodate your next event? When you have specific needs and requirements that need to be met, then consider hosting your next event at a hotel.

Hotels are the perfect venue to host your next event. Many hotels are built with event hosting in mind. Not only will the right hotel have specific hotel function rooms to cater to you and your guests, but it will also be centrally located to all amenities and important attractions.

And if the event organizer is able to provide attendees with a special rate on hotel bookings, then your guests are afforded undeniable convenience.

Convenience aside, here are five other great reasons why you should host your next event at a hotel.

  • You can make the most of the “bleisure” trend

In recent years, one business travel trend has grown in popularity above all others: bleisure travel. Bleisure travel is exactly how it sounds — it is business travel and leisure travel rolled into one neat package.

This rising trend among business travelers provides many benefits to both event planners and hotel management.

In a recent study done by Expedia and Luth Research, it was found that travelers who combine both business and leisure stay far longer. In fact, travelers who participate in bleisure travel spend up to six nights or more in their destination compared to the two nights that business travelers traditionally spend at a place.

As bleisure travel becomes the norm, event organizers could capitalize on this trend to attract more attendees to their next event.

  • You gain access to state-of-the-art equipment

No event can be successful without the right equipment. From audio-visual and lighting to IT, the right equipment at your disposal will determine the success of your event. This is where the benefits of hosting an event at a hotel come in.

The right hotel for your next event will have the right resources and the professional-grade equipment your event needs to be successful. What’s more, their team of experts will have a wealth of experience to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

  • You get to work with a team of experts ready to meet your needs

Speaking of having access to a team of experts, hotels provide more than just a dedicated team of IT and A/V specialists. Their experience in hospitality means that all of your guests’ needs are cared for. They will work closely with your event organizer to bring your vision to life.

Not only that, the many luxury hotel services provided by hotels (such as professional catering options, for example) mean that everything your next event needs can be managed in one simple process.

  • You enjoy the proximity to nearby amenities

The hotel that is the best fit for your event is one that is centrally located. A hotel situated in a practical location translates to convenience and accessibility for your guests. But more than that, a centrally located hotel means you can organize fun activities in and around the venue.

When planning your next event, look to host it at a property with nearby attractions that will allow your guests to unwind after a jam-packed schedule. This will make the event more memorable with your guests and make them look forward to attending your next one.

  • You receive a customizable experience

Hotels are well-equipped to meet and exceed any and all of your expectations. Their versatility provides a venue space that will work with your event requirements. Many hotels even offer a range of meeting and event packages to enable your event organizer to stay within budget.

Whether your next event is a small social gathering, a training workshop, or a large industry conference, the right hotel will work with you to ensure that their amenities and facilities cater to you and your guests.

An event space for all occasions

From convenience and accessibility to modern facilities, there are truly plenty of reasons to choose a hotel venue space for your next event. Working with the right hotel for your next event takes care of all logistical concerns, making the planning process simple and easy.


Ali Ozbay is the Director of Marketing for Shaza Hotels. The 5-star Shaza Hotel in Al Madina combines sophistication and location in effortless style, with each suite being, by intention, an emphatic expression of generous warmth and Eastern hospitality.

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