5 Pivotal Apps For Your Samsung Smartphone Before The Next Trip

5 Pivotal Apps For Your Samsung Smartphone Before The Next Trip

When you are currently planning to travel internationally or willing to visit some new towns, there are so many free traveling apps available. Through the best Samsung apps, you get the chance to book hotel room or explore the itinerary. There are even some apps available, which will help you to keep a track on the place, where you have parked the car. Samsung houses are some of those best travel apps, noted for you.

  • Translator Speak and translate free:

This free app helps in turning your Samsung smartphone into personal translator. The voice is designed to recognize as much as 100 foreign languages and can translate the same from and to English if needed. It further helps in supporting text to speech and vice versa for making them accessible online.

  • SafeUnlockCode:

This is yet another must-have app for your Samsung devices, when you are traveling abroad. This particular app is important if you have a new phone with you and want to get Samsung IMEI unlock codes for unlocking the phone. You just have to enter the IMEI number and receive the unlock code within minutes through email.

  • FMap:

No matter wherever you are planning to travel, this app helps you to chart your present location, and can further help you to find your friends. With the help of this application, you are about to use the GPS system in your device or can connect to the external one via Bluetooth.

  • Hotels.com:

With 200,000+ hotels to choose from 200 countries, it is not going to be that difficult for you to select a hotel of your choice, with this application. This app further features some local deals, depending on the location. It further helps you to personalize the current search option, depending on the chosen preferences.

  • Tracky GPS:

It is also defined to be a free GPS application, which can help you to track your past location, your current and the future area, where you are planning to be. This app can easily mix with Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia to help you come across some of the tourist hotspot and local restaurants to try out in a new city or country. You can even ask your friends to come and track your journey through this simple app.

So, now you know the reasons behind such a growing demand of these applications. You can choose any one of the mentioned apps or all of them and prepare for the next trip.


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