5 Essential Experiences in Antigua

5 Essential Experiences in Antigua

Formerly a British colony, Antigua was first “discovered” by Christopher Columbus, who named the island Wadadli. Now that name has been given to the local beer, and the island is celebrated for its natural beauty and friendly locals.

For travelers who are looking for a leisurely, relaxing trip, then Antigua is the perfect place. Everyone in Antigua fully embraces the island lifestyle, and nothing ever feels frantic or chaotic.

Generally, the best time to visit the island is mid-December to end-April as this is when it is the most comfortable weather in the Caribbean. Due to hurricane season (which runs from June to October), you want to avoid visiting in September. Obtaining an Antigua and Barbuda visa is straightforward, and many major airlines fly there!

Whether you want to get some bucket-list activities checked off or are more allured by spending your time on the beach, here are five essential experiences in Antigua.

1. Explore the many beaches

Antigua has so many beaches (there are more than 365 of them), which means that you could spend an entire year visiting and enjoying all of them. Travelers like to visit Valley Church Beach, Dickenson Bay, Pigeon Point Beach and Half Moon Bay for the beautiful Caribbean waters and silky soft sand.

Those are a lot of beaches when you consider that Antigua is only 108 square miles and merely 13 miles across! If you spend one or two weeks on the island, you will be able to see most of what you want as nothing is more than 45 minutes away from where you are at that particular moment.

2. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard

The biggest of Antigua’s National Parks, Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour is the only continuously working Georgian dockyard in the world. Admiral Horatio Nelson was famously stationed in English Harbour in the18th century when the British Royal Navy based themselves there for the strategic significance of this harbour in observing French and other competing colonial nations’ naval activity.

Now it remains one of the Caribbean’s most magnificent models of historic preservation and is an essential stop on any traveler to Antigua’s itinerary. The park is beautiful and presents plenty of perfect photo opportunities thanks to the boats in the dockyard, the stunning harbor, tropical walking trails through the forest with magnificent ocean views, and the historic nature of the place dotted with ruins and old buildings.

3. Travel over to Barbuda

Antigua is a major sailing center (hosting the annual Sailing Week, one of the most famous regattas in the world) and chartering a sailboat is often one of the highlights for visitors.

Additionally, during your time there, you should take a trip to the sister island of Barbuda which is merely an hour and a half’s boat ride away. Together, the two islands form the nation of Antigua & Barbuda, which makes it a perfect destination to combine with a holiday to Antigua.

On Barbuda, you can observe pink and white sand on 9-mile beach, caves and exotic birds. As the vast majority of visitors only spend their time on Antigua, if you opt to go over to Barbuda for a couple of days, you will find yourself having an even more special Caribbean island adventure.

4. Participate in activities from morning to night

Even though it is small and relaxed, Antigua is mighty when it comes to the number of activities it offers visitors. Opt to spend your days getting active with land and water sports and sightseeing, before spending your evenings trying local foods and participating in the nightlife.

Home to a large international population predominantly from Europe and North America, and home to many world-class restaurants and beautiful properties, Antigua offers an island life so good, that it won’t take very long before you are asking how to get Antigua citizenship.

5. Purchase souvenirs

Did you really go on a trip if you don’t come home with some unique souvenirs? Luckily, Antigua has plenty of high-quality shopping options to help you in this regard. Whatever you are interested in purchasing, and whoever for, you are sure to find what you are looking for in either the duty-free shops or the artwork that is created by local artists and craftspeople.

Ceramics are some of the most treasured souvenirs that travelers tend to bring home with them.

Have you ever been to Antigua? Are you interested in going? Let us know your plans in the comments below!


Kaline Kennard is the co-founder of Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

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