5 Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

5 Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

The travelling passion is actually generated inside by parents in our childhood, when they take us to fancy places just to roam around. Maybe, the destinations not remain too far from home but it created the curiosity of going out and exploring places.

As a traveller, the motive of life always being going to different place and exploring every aspect of life that is possible in this world.  Each place consists something unique from other which makes the travel whole new experience to true wanderer.

Most of you probably earn to travel or earning from travel but every time it is not possible to catch up with friend and family for a tour. If somebody really wants to explore place and wants to know about it then nothing can be better than travelling alone.

Still, there is requirement of in depth research to know the place before visit. For safety purpose or to know the worth of the visit.

Let’s take a look at 5 great destinations to visit if you’re looking to go alone this vacation

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful country of the world because of its rich and heritage culture. It is considered as the most religious country in the world, which is also home to world’s highest unclimbed peak “Gangkhar Puensum”. This beautiful place had no roads, no vehicle, no electricity until 1960’s but later developed and became mesmerizing destination of the travellers. It is first country in the world to outlaw tobacco completely.

  1. Thailand

Thailand has become on the most favourite destination of travellers because of its hospitality and friendly local people. It is also popular for its Buddhist mind set “equality of sexes”. There is chances of you to meet like-minded people during travel, the place has lot to offer from party atmosphere to jungle adventure, island or beach exploring. It is a place to get away within the budget and get a chance to travel alone with safety.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the place where you won’t find yourself alone at all. many solo travellers go there to find relaxation and peace of mind. As a hindu island, it is the place of spiritual and mental relaxation to the visitors. The magnificent culture and visually appealing place made Bali number 1 tourist attraction in Indonesia.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been considered one of the safest destination for solo travellers. amazing in terms of exploring because of its terrific beaches and amazing city life. If you haven’t travelled much in life, then it is a perfect place for you. Language will also not a barrier as English is the language majority speak.

  1. Alaska

Almost 20 percent of visitors to Alaska travel alone. The place is full of natural wonders including great sight of glacier, snow-capped mountains and iceberg. Whale watching is also a great experience to have there. No need to say it is safest for travel.

Plan your trip little ahead in order to get best deal of these places. Online sites made easier to find cheap flights deals. Look for hotels and other stuffs too in order to prevent any kind of obstruction in your way to destination.

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