4 Reasons To Choose An All-Inclusive Resort

4 Reasons To Choose An All-Inclusive Resort

To some, all-inclusive holidays aren’t an option. What most people fail to realise is how far they’ve progressed. As the holiday industry boomed, all-inclusive resorts adapted. There were no longer pesky clauses that meant you were restricted to certain activities, places to eat, and ways to spend your time.

Nowadays, there are so many ways you can make your all-inclusive resort holiday perfect for you. Here are 4 reasons you should choose an all-inclusive resort.


Perhaps the most obvious of all of the points, but the most important! All of your planning, all of your wishes and hopes for your holiday, it can all be organised under one person. This holds so many advantages, as if there are any issues, if things aren’t properly organised, it can be far easier than having to rearrange plans and chasing several people down for compensation. It also means you can pay one lump sum, and therefore track your budget far easier than paying multiple companies for their services.

After asking Alexandra Resort for tips on taking all inclusive holidays, they said “Make sure that you know what you want! You of course are already in the market for a resort holiday, but look at the surroundings! What does the resort offer that you want? Make sure to check out what they offer!”


As it is all available through one agency, it also means when you come to decide where you want to go, and what you want, you can choose everything all in the same place. Your flight, accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, It’s all managed by the same people, and it all falls under the same roof.

If you want to do anything that doesn’t fall under the parameters of your all-inclusive, you can always spend your own money to do it, you aren’t entirely restricted to your pre-paid activities!


A big advantage to booking at a resort, let alone an all-inclusive, is the fact that entertainment is guaranteed. There has to be on-site entertainment, and it will often be far more extensive if it’s part of an all-inclusive bundle. Some resorts even have partnerships with local businesses, which could mean you get a bigger choice of activities.

Most resorts have a huge amount of activities, which can range from highly social dances, watersports, small competitions, even yoga classes.

Peace of Mind

This didn’t used to be the case, but with changes in how people like to spend their holiday, there is far more choice within the all-inclusive than you’d think. You don’t have to spend your time there any specific way, you can spend your time there knowing that the next coffee you’re about to enjoy isn’t going to cost you any extra. The kids managed to spill their drink? Order another. You can relax, without worrying about the next activities and meals costing you an arm and a leg.

We asked Beach House to give us some tips on relaxing at all-inclusive resorts. “Depending on the location of the resort, you can be treated to some absolutely amazing views. Make sure that when you book your suite, you choose a suite that fits what you’d like! For instance, we offer Oceanfront suites separately to our regular suites. Make sure to investigate everything that your resort has to offer to soothe your mind!”

What do you want from your all-inclusive resort holiday? Make sure to tell us about your past travels and what you love about all-inclusive resorts!

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