10 Essential Purchases For Outdoor Running

10 Essential Purchases For Outdoor Running

If you’re looking to boost your overall fitness, then there are few better ways than by running outdoors. Take a job in the countryside and you’ll benefit from an ample supply of fresh air, lots of interesting greenery to look out, and a surface that’ll keep your feet constantly guessing. All of this adds up to a running experience that’s markedly more varied than that which you’ll find on a track or treadmill.

In order to get the best from your outdoor running experience, however, you’ll want to invest in a few choice pieces of kit. Let’s run down a few of the most useful of them.


A good pair of trainers is obviously essential if you’re going to be running. Not all trainers are created equal, however; some of them are geared towards flat surfaces, and won’t provide the grip you’ll need when you’re running through a muddy path. During summer, this might not be such a problem, but during autumn and winter, when the ground is slippery and wet, you’ll need trainers that are up to the challenge.

Be sure to get your trainers properly fitted, and that you’ve got a chance to run a little bit in them before committing to a purchase. The wrong choice of shoe will compound your running errors and could potentially lead to big problems in the future. If possible, be sure to visit a store where you can get your gait analysed.


Of course, the right choice of trainer is useless without a suitable pair of socks to do the work on the inside. A good pair of sports socks will be able to absorb perspiration and provide cushioning while at the same time allowing air to circulate around your feet. Opt for the wrong pair and you’ll run into problems with blistering and rubbing before long. When you’re running outdoors, these concerns remain largely the same.


For a long run, you’ll need the right clothes. These clothes should provide a layer of protection against stray gusts of cold wind, while at the same time being thin and lightweight enough that they don’t get in your way. A big, baggy pair of shorts will interfere with your gait, and generally make running unpleasant and annoying. The challenge of running should come from the terrain and the targets you set yourself, not your clothing.


A modern smartphone provides a number of tools which are invaluable to an outdoor jogger. Of course, there’s the stopwatch to record your time around a route, and the pedometer to record just how fast you’re going. But the real strength of the smartphone comes from the variety of jogger-friendly apps they’re able to run. So, while you undoubtedly already have access to a suitable phone, the chances are that you’ll benefit from exploring the market for quality jogging applications.

Phone holder

Placing your smartphone in the pocket of your trousers might seem an obvious move. But there are downsides to doing so, not least of which is the likelihood that it might fall out and drop on the floor. If you’re running, having a modern phone rattling around inside your pocket might be annoying, so it’s best to instead secure it to your sleeve using a lightweight, convenient strap.


Entertainment is vital when it comes to getting through those runs. And so too, therefore, is a set of quality headphones. For best results, you’ll want a pair that’s Bluetooth equipped – the last thing you’ll want when you’re out running is a dangling cable getting in your way.

Heart rate monitor

Keeping track of your heartrate is extremely useful if you’re looking to make gradual, incremental improvements to your fitness. A wrist-mounted heart rate monitor will provide a means of doing exactly that; it’ll use lights and a miniature sensor to monitor the blood as it flows through your wrist.

Boot liner

If you’re going cross-country running in the winter, then the chances are that you’ll arrive back at your car covered in mud. If you’re taking a dog out running with you, then the chances of this occurrence will be even higher! For this reason, car boot covers make an exceptionally worthwhile purchase. The best of them are made-to-measure for a given model of boot, with BMW, Ford and Audi boot liners all available from specialist online retailers. If you’re looking to protect your vehicle from the mud and dirt of your favourite hobby, then a quality boot liner is in order!

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